Indulge in the Spicy Flavors of Paradise

Shop the BBQ & Meat Rub Seasonings collection, a delightful fusion of Kauaʻi's most cherished flavors crafted for the ultimate grilling experience. Each blend in this collection is thoughtfully created using locally sourced, organic, and sustainable ingredients to elevate your BBQ and meat dishes. Add a touch of paradise to your culinary creations and impress your guests with the irresistible, island-inspired aromas and tastes of our exceptional seasonings.

Hawaiian Salts & Seasonings

Discover the captivating taste of Aloha Spice Company's Hawaiian Sea Salt Collection, featuring an enticing variety of flavors such as Smoked Chili, Guava Ginger Lime, and All-Purpose Seasoning. Conveniently packaged in flatpacks for effortless transportation and reduced weight, these enchanting salts are ready to elevate your dishes with a touch of island magic.

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“An amazing spice shop that has spices, other collectibles and even frozen snacks. You can smell the spices from outside the shop, but it’s not overpowering at all. Visit and shop at this wonderful place.”

Brett Austin

“Aloha from the midwest, St. Louis Missouri. I have some island friends with whom I've been exchanging care packages of local products every few months. This time they included some of your spice rubs and I'm soooo happy they did. The Pele smokey coffee rub is simply delicious. I look forward to trying the other items included from your company. Please keep up the good work.”

Jason P